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Besides being a tour guide I am also an author, artist and photographer. Here you can buy my first book, The Storyteller (watch advert), drawings and photos. You can also find copies of my book on Amazon UK.

It's just another summer holiday at the caravan park, and thirteen-year-old Jamie is feeling unloved, unwated and thoroughly confused. 

With a recovering alocoholic mother, unresponsive sister Lauren, and an aggressive father, he has little to celebrate! But at the park's funfair, a hidden secret comes to light that will change his and Lauren's lives forever.

Reeling from this disclosure, Jamie stumbles into a never-explored area of the park. Here he meets a gypsy, whose gift in storytelling, might give him the insight to support his sister when she most needs it and help the teenager make sense of his life. 

Or is that lives?

In this inovative first novel by Chris Trotter, The Storyteller explores the poignancy of friendship and love, and how in the circle of life, there may be more than one chance to make things right.

Using a unique blend of fiction and fantasy, Chris Trotter interweaves two tales to an uplifting conclusion.